Beginner training - Training consists of several stages. With us you can rely on a calm horse and a qualified trainer. The first steps are in an arena or on a trail with a guide. The initial lessons establish the correct posture of the body on the saddle, the technique for trot and gallop and how to direct the horse. This contributes to better security when riding on the trail and a true pleasure from being with the horses. The training horses are calm and superbly trained.

Advanced riding - For advanced riders, the challenges are many – open meadows, river crossings, cross-country trekking. Riders can go out alone or in groups. They can select longer treks or a specific route. They can also participate in any of our organized rides or ask for arena exercises to hone their skills, or to work from the ground.

Riding for children - Our main goals is for children to get in touch with nature and the animals, to disconnect from the virtual world and urban environment. In the process of training and having fun with the horses, children gain confidence and develop positive qualities. The ranch has very calm and friendly training horses. Riding for younger children is a walk around the ranch. Older children can begin their training.


If you are an experienced rides, an adventurer in need to add variety in your routine and to get away from the noise and pollution, Rila Ranch is the place for you. We organise various rides in Rila, Rhodope and Plana mountains. These rides have different durations and level of difficulty.

One-day ride

Two-day ride in Rila

Two-day ride in Plana

Four-day ride in Rila

Five-day ride in Rila